Andrey Likontsev was born on the 17th of August 1967.

He played as a center back in youth national teams of the Russian Federation and the USSR. 

In 1983–85 he played in Voronezh football clubs Fakel and Strela.

Andrey also worked as football referee and administrator of the Fakel football club. 

Andrey unfortunately passed away prematurely, but he managed to leave a good memory for all of the people who he met during his life. Therefore it is not surprising that his friends and colleagues had the idea to create an annual winter holiday tournament in memorial.

It is symbolic that 10-year-old boys are involved in this competition, as they have yet to find themselves not only in football, but many have also yet to set out their goals for life.

It is with this in mind, we believe that Andrey Likontsev as an athlete and a person can become a truly inspirational figure for them.